Srirangam Ranganathasamy Temple:   






 Srirangam ("Thiruvarangam") SriRanganathasamy temple is very close by to Thiruvanaikoil temple. This temple is also called as "Boologa Vaikuntam". Even after many invasions by Moghal kings, this temple still stands without loosing its beauty and fame. "Sri Ranganathar" is the main god of this  temple and the "Ranganayaki" is the goddess. Srirangam is considered as the capital of vaishnavas. To add to its pride this temple has the tallest temple tower in the World, the Rajagopuram of this temple was built ob 1983 and its 236ft tall. For 'Vaikunta Yekaadesi' pilgrims come from all over the World, its a 20 days celebration. Check out


Rockfort Pillayar Temple:  

Rockfort Pillayar temple is the land mark for Trichy city, and thats why Trichy is called as the "Rock City". Rockfort is approximately 300 ft. high and the main deity is the Lord Ganesh ("Uchchi Pillayar"). Its is situated at the heart of Trichy City.

  When English ruled India, Robert Clive had his fort near this temple. Clive's office is converted into a shopping complex today and its called as Clive's building.


Samayapuram Mariamman Temple:

Samayapuram Mariamman temple is an important place of pilgrimage to the devotees of Goddess Sakthi. Samayapuram temple is situated on Chennai-Trichy Grand Southern Trunk Road about 15 km from Trichy City. Samayapuram is also called as "Kannanoor". There is a myth that Samayapuram Mariamman is the sister of Srirangam Lord Ranganathaswami.


The Vijeyanagara kings camped at Kannanoor during their war  in the South and adopted the Kannanoor Mariamman as their own. After their victory in the war to conquer the South they built the temple at this very site of the shrine. The Vijeyanagara king appointed a priest from the temple at Thiruvanaikoil to perform the regular 'pooja' and brought this temple under the Thiruvanaikoil temple management.


The festival of this temple 'Poochorithal' (inundating with flowers) in the month of 'Maasi' (February - March). There is a legend that is associated with this festival. The legend behind this festival is, once Goddess Parvathy reincarnated as Goddess Durga to kill the 'Mahishasuran' (an evil). After destroying the Asura she arrived in the jungle near Samayapuram found this place suitable to calm her anger. Here she took the name of 'Kowmari', took a reddish hue, wrapped herself in a yellow cloth, and covered herself with flowers, undertook a fast and conducted penance in order to regain her original form. As a result she became very kind and benevolent and is worshipped as Goddess Mariamman at Samayapuram. On the day of 'Poochoridhal' devotess bring flowers in procession from villages in tens of kilo meters away.

Mukkombu ("Upper Annaicut"):

 The river Cauvery splits into two as river Cauvery and river Cooleron at Mukkombu. There is a small dam to control the water of river Cauvery and divert the excess to river Cooleron. This is a picnic spot for people around Trichy. It has two beautiful parks and boat rides. This is around 15 km's away from heart of Trichy city on the way to Karur.

Kallanai ("Grand Annaicut"/"Lower Annaicut"):

 Kallanai is actually in "Tanjore" ("Thanjavur") district, but it is close to Trichy City (around 15 Km's from Trichy). This is the oldest dam in the World. This was built by the great chola king "Karikal Chola" later renovated in the British rule. 
  The river Cauvery and river Cooleron again merges here and splits again. Thiruvanaikoil and Srirangam are in between the Kallanai and Mukkombu and surrounded by the two rivers Cauvery and Cooleron, forming an island.